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South Coast Property Renovations


We’d love to hear from you

Exbury Properties Limited
61 David Newberry Drive
Lee on the Solent
PO13 8FG

General Enquires

Contact Rhonda McCormack on 023 9255 3789
Email: rhonda@exburypropertygroup.co.uk

Property Acquisition, Sales and Joint Venture Enquiries

Contact Paul Ancell on 023 9255 3789 or 07774 809138
Email: pga@exburypropertygroup.co.uk

Property Management and Rental Enquiries

Contact Rhonda McCormack on 023 9255 3789 or 07887 521007
Email: rhonda@exburypropertygroup.co.uk

Keep updated by visiting our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/exburypropertygroup

Registered Office

62 High Street
West End
SO30 3DT

Registered in England 3695476