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South Coast Property Renovations

Information for Tenants

The process of renting a property can be daunting and will always differ from agent to agent.  The information set out here is intended to  provide you – the tenant -with our clear and transparent way of working, advising you of each step in the process and what costs and fees to expect along the way.


Before viewing –

Calculating an affordable rent is more than simply looking at the monthly rent of an advertised property.   Take into account that on top of the rent will also be regular extra outgoings such as utility bills – electricity, gas, water, internet costs, council tax and any relevant insurance policies such as contents insurance.   Try setting up a budget planner to work out these costs. Consider next the amount of deposit that we are requesting on behalf of the landlord which will be an upfront payment due before you move into the property.  There will also more than likely be an agents fee, so ensure you know what this fee is and factor this into your costs also.    Is the property fully furnished?  If it doesn’t  have absolutely everything that you need, consider the cost of buying any necessary items.

Remember to be realistic with what you can afford as failing to fulfil the obligations under your Tenancy Agreement and falling behind with rental payments might mean you receive a negative reference or in some cases a court order against you ordering to repay the arrears.

When you’ve found THE ONE

Once you’ve found the right property to rent we will request from you an administration fee.  This fee covers all administration costs concerned with preparing the Tenancy and will pay for your independent reference report.


An independent reference company is employed in order to ascertain affordability and landlord references.   Personal references are not required, a form will be provided for your completion.  If you know of any adverse credit in your history you must declare it on the form.  (If you are unsure as to your official credit status, you can order a report from  Equifax at any time).  Once your reference is completed and acceptable, we will draw up the Tenancy Agreement.

Tenancy Agreement

An industry approved Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up and sent to you for signature.  it is important that you contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns upon reading the Tenancy Agreement.   Your landlord will also have been sent a copy for signature and you will receive a copy of this upon the tenancy commencing.

Move Day

In order for possession of the property to be granted we will require your signed Tenancy Agreement, signed Guarantor agreement (if necessary) and the initial monies due in cleared funds, (which will include the deposit, the first instalment of rent), plus any other requirements which would have been stated clearly to you in writing at the time of sending the Tenancy Agreement to you.

Inventory and Check In

A professional inventory will have been produced for the tenancy.  In most cases the Inventory Clerk will meet you at the property at a pre agreed time on the date of Tenancy commencement in order to agree the condition of the property and take meter readings, which contribute towards the Check In Report.

Welcome Pack

On the day of the Tenancy commencement, or shortly after, you will receive from us a welcome pack which will contain a copy of the Tenancy Agreement signed by your landlord, copy gas safety check (if applicable), copy Inventory and Check In Report, daytime and Emergency contact information plus information on where the deposit it held.

The Deposit

We register all deposits with  the Deposit Protection Service.  We are required by law to register the details of the tenancy and transfer the deposit to them within 14 days of receiving the deposit.  At the same time that we register the deposit we will provide you with details of where your deposit is held together with all relevant contact details in readiness for the deposit return process at termination of the tenancy.


If the tenancy is managed by us, there will be a number of instructions from our landlord that we will be required to carry out on their behalf during the tenancy.

Annual Gas Safety Check

If the property has gas to the property we must arrange for the annual check of all gas emitting appliances to be checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


If the landlord has previously instructed an NICEIC check on the electrics of the property, a 5 year or 10 year recheck might be necessary.

Periodic Visits

We will write to you every three months in order to arrange a suitable time to visit the property for the purposes of a periodic visit.  This is to ensure that any issues with both property or that you may have yourself are addressed fully and resolved accordingly.


With an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement your landlord is required to give you at least two full months notice of his intention to gain possession of his property and this notice cannot expire before the end of the fixed term agreement.  We will write to you two months before the tenancy expires to ask you of your intentions of if you wish to renew.    There may be a fee for renewing the tenancy for anther fixed term period.

Check Out

The agreed date of tenancy termination will be sent to you in writing together with any information relevant to the end of the tenancy such as a schedule of cleaning (tips on how to prepare the property for any Check Out appointment).  If an official Check Out appointment has been instructed  the Clerk will meet you at an agreed time on the last day of your tenancy in order to go through the property with you and agree the condition, take meter readings and collect the keys from you.  This Check Out report will be sent to your forwarding address and the deposit return process dealt with in accordance with its findings.   We do not charge any Tenancy termination costs.

The deposit return

If the landlord feels  it necessary to claim the cost of any items or general damage from your deposit you will be notified upon receipt of the Check Out report and asked for your comments.  If you are in agreement, the agreed amount will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount forwarded to you by BACS to your designated bank account.   If you not agree with the claimed amount you have the right to dispute.  If an agreement cannot be reached directly between yourselves and the landlord the matter will be sent to the Deposit Protection Service for adjudication.